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Conference Planning and Coordination
Conference PlanningAs premier Conference Coordination Consultants, CAI has developed a methodology— CAI Six-Phase Plan—which is a framework that enables an organization to cost effectively incorporate off-site training and conferencing, operations, corporate visioning and program evaluation intelligence into their decision-making. Team CAI guides each client in defining conference objectives and results-based strategies that deliver a product of knowledge that impacts immediately as well as in the long term.

CAI Conference Coordination teams implement the CAI Six-Phase Plan supporting events in the federal and private sectors. This innovative plan includes investigating potential meeting sites, discerning capacity and requirements support, researching travel costs and determining estimates for personnel, arranging for facility materials and equipment requirements, securing reservations for attendees, providing attendees with advance information, on-line registration and confirmation, conference manuals and proceedings, providing on-site conference management, on-site trouble-shooting, and arrangements for exhibitor(s) participation, all within corporate budget constraints. Each identified process step has been tested and found to be relevant in building client trust and cooperation, moving strategically toward final execution.

Whether planning and coordinating a workshop for 25 participants or a major conference for 650 with concurrently presented technical sessions, CAI has consistently delivered consummate successes exceeding client expectations and well documented in performance summaries. “Truly appreciate the assistance of Change Architect; they were able to satisfy every need that arose.” “The coordinators did an excellent job!”


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