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Total System Intervention (TSI)  

CAI recommends that organizations use a tool called Total System Intervention (TSI).  TSI is a process in which a cross section of the total system of an organization is gathered to identify issues it is facing.  Participants explore their desired future state, conduct visioning exercise to determine where they would like to end up and develop strategies to get there.

Here are the major features of methods of Total System Intervention (TSI):

  • TSILarge-scale
  • Real-time
  • Learning
  • Vision
  • Action planning
  • Participation
  • Strategic
  • Systems approach
  • Highly adaptive process

Expected outcome and results:

  • Every individual involved in the TSI process will leave with a better understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and realities of others throughout the organization.
  • Cooperation amongst individuals will increase with new understanding
  • The organization becomes a unified team
  • Decrease in internal competition
  • Buy-in and ownership
  • Promote Creativity by encouraging individuals and teams to apply their own original ideas

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